Still Life Drawings

This is a traditional still life drawing, but I teach it with a twist.  I start out with only one piece of fruit, let the students draw it, then I add another.   This simplifies the arrangement and lets them focus on one object.  I ask lots of questions about the objects so the students will begin to look harder and make connections between objects.  "Do you see the triangle of space between the birds nest and the banana?"   "Is the candle one apple wide?"

To start drawing, we simplify each element.  For example, the candle becomes a simple cylinder, the apples become circles.  Only when every element is in the correct place and is the correct size do we add the details.  (the pinecone is really that large) 

This is a strenuous exersize and is usually the only time these young students have done a dry still life.  They are always amazed with their results. 

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