One Dot at a Time

In my bead classes, I often say to new students, "you have to string one bead at a time".  In this art class, I always repeat, "one dot at a time" as a mantra for my young students.  They have a tendency to rush, making each dot a stripey, sloppy line.  This is a great project for intermediate students with the ability to work for 3 or more hours on one project.  The placement of dots can seem calming, like knitting or running.

I was introduced to pointalism in my high school art class, and continue to use the technique within drawing textures with pencil and adding depth to watercolor.  Using pencil to sketch the idea very lightly, we layer fine-tipped marker dots, gradually blending colors. I remind the students that you cannot erase mistakes.  This is an additative process.  Make darker lines by placing the dots close together. I usually work small;10X10.

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